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Running Stupid

Oct 25, 2008

Report from Nike Women's Marathon.

2nd interview with Mrs. Coach Ken.


Defining Success/Choosing Your Battles.

Of course, Stalking Dean Karnazes.


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almost fourteen years ago

This is the first episode of Running Stupid I have listened to. Love it! You really hooked me when you started talking about Team in Training. I feel exactly the same about them! It was so discouraging when I did the Nike Women\'s Half in SF two years ago. Not only did they clog the course, but their fans were so rude. I can\'t believe how they totally turn off their cheering when no TnT runners are around. This also happens at PFChang\'s in Phoenix, but not to the same degree. On the other hand, when I was suffering from horrible leg cramps at mile 19 of PFC, it was a TnT coach that checked to see if I was okay. So I guess they\'re not all that bad, plus they do raise a lot of money. As for me, I have a hard enough time doing my training. I can\'t take the stress of having to raise thousands of dollars along with it. Anyway, great job of the podcast!