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Running Stupid

May 23, 2009

Little run in the Sierras!  Yosemite is easily one of my favorite places on earth!  If you haven't been, go.  Now.  The falls are HUGE.

Bill Bradley is gearing up for next month's solo RAAM.  3000 mile ride from coast to coast.  Great training for Badwater?!?

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Running Stupid is doing great in the podcast challenge!  Keep signing up and logging those miles!  Let's do even better in June!!!  Stupidheads rock!  A special thanks to Jim Smith, who is almost single-handedly winning for us!  Forgot about his great snake question this week (soon, Jim, soon!), but saw a couple rattlers in Yosemite and I thought of you...


All Day!


Brett Rivers
over thirteen years ago

Hey Ken, awesome running into you on the trail to Half Dome, is a BIG small world! Check out these videos, I think you will crack up