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Running Stupid

Jul 21, 2011

Interview with Ultra Runner of the Year 2009 and 2010, Geoff Roes!

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All Day!

Jul 16, 2011

Ellie Greenwood tells us how to win Western States!  ;)

Her Blog:

Headlands Half is this weekend!  Stay tuned for the report!  Please call and wish me good luck and All Day! for the Headlands Hundred in a couple weeks!  415-287-3305

All Day!

Jul 12, 2011

Interview with Tammy Massie!  What spirit!!!  Wish her luck in her Grand Slam!  Vermont is this weekend!  GO TAMMY!!!

Call the RS hotline at 415-287-3305 if you want to leave me a greeting and an All Day! for Headlands Hundred!

All Day!

Jul 4, 2011

Western States Crew Report!

Congratulations Ellie Greenwood, 1st place!!!  What a weekend!  Really exciting to play a small part in her win!!!

Blog reports (Ellie, Jackie, Kristin,...