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Running Stupid

Mar 24, 2012

Mrs. CK reports on the Canyon Meadow 50k!

Two new contests on the FB page:  Predict Mrs. CK's AR50 finish time and also, Show Us Your All Day!, judged by Geoff Roes!!

All Day!

Mar 13, 2012

Interview with URotY Dave Mackey!!
His Blog:

Interview with me on The Runner's Trip Blog (hope you like it!):

Still need donations to the Cottage Childrens Hospital for SBER100:

All Day!

Mar 3, 2012

Mrs. CK reports on the Chabot 50k!

Heroes of HURT:
Mike Weston

Hannah Roberts

Luis Escobar

Jeff Huff

Thank you to everyone who has donated to the Cottage Children's Hospital so far!!  Your support means a lot!

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