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Running Stupid

Nov 11, 2009

Pic of last right turn for a week!

SF One Day race report!

Visit Wire: Get the album "Object 47" it ROCKS!

Check out my One Day report on Trail Run Times:


Next Week:  Muir Beach 50k Report!


All Day!

over thirteen years ago

Hey Coach Ken! I really enjoy your podcast! In the past I\'ve run/trained to simply finish marathons (2). Now I want to finish faster, which means speedwork/pushing harder. I listened to this episode (SF one day) during my first Tempo Run. The pace I had chosen was harder than what I\'m used to, and your comment in the podcast about reasons to quit came at the perfect time. You mentioned only quiting for reasons such as broken bones, etc., and this was just enough encouragement for me to keep pushing hard on this Tempo run. Thanks for the encouragement and best wishes on your future races!