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Running Stupid

Sep 18, 2009

No way!  Q&A this show!

Stalking Dean Karnazes!

RSVP for the Running Stupid weekend!

Go Chris Twardzik!  Washington Ultra Series!

And Disco Stu!

All Day!



thirteen and a half years ago

Sorry, I really wanted to like this podcast. It\'s not just that you can\'t answer any questions, but the fact that you seem to find your inability adorable is what makes it so unlistenable. I will try to remember to send you notice about my podcast, so that you can rightfully take your shots. I will suck too in the beginning. I hope to be better when I am at it as long as you. P.S. It sounds like you do know something about running, but it is disguised by your smirking about your own material like George Bush Jr.

thirteen and a half years ago

Coach Ken, you\'re an inspiration for those questioning if they should keep going. Running isn\'t always 100% fun 100% of the time. You put some perspective in this p\'cast. Keep moving forward! J