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Magdalena Boulet Interview!!

Magda Photo: Myke Hermsmeyer Photography


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Interview with rock star runner, volunteer, RD and awesome coach, Ann Trason!!
Really hope you enjoy this one!!

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Ann Trason me!!  Really fun to do, I hope you enjoy it!!

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Yassine Diboun Interview!!  I know you'll love it!
Photo by Angel King

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Peter Defty Interview: Vespa/OFM

FASTER Study Article (discussed):

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Dr. Joe Cleaver

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HURT 100 2015 Report Pt 1!!  Sixth Annual HURT!!

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HURT 100 is this weekend!!  This is going to be freaking awesome!!!

Live updates:

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7th Consecutive TNFEC 50 mile report!!  What a blast!!

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Interview with first time 100 mile finisher, Fun Size Laura Bello!!
Check out her blog here (her report Javelina Jundred report due soon!):
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Long awaited Western States 100 report part 2!!

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