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Interview with first time 100 mile finisher, Fun Size Laura Bello!!
Check out her blog here (her report Javelina Jundred report due soon!):
Big Thanks to:

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Long awaited Western States 100 report part 2!!

Big thanks to Ann Trason Coaching, Hoka One One and Carb Boom!!!


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Interview with Tahoe 200 Race Director, Candice Burt!!

Race day is in two weeks!!!  Follow along (bib#200!  Whoo-hoo!!) on the Running Stupid Facebook page:

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Western States 100 Race Report Part I
Hope you like it as much as I enjoyed the race!

Thanks to sponsors:
Carb Boom!

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Western States 100 Preview!

Follow along on the Running Stupid Facebook Page:


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Miwok 100k Race Report!!  Holy smokes!!  What a run!!!!

Brought to you by Hoka One One and Carb Boom!

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Lake Sonoma 50 Race Report!!

Watch the Running Stupid Facebook Page for Updates from the Field at Miwok 100k tomorrow!


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Gearing up for the Lake Sonoma 50!!  Watch the Running Stupid Facebook page for periodic updates!!

Photo by Myles Smyth of Michigan Bluff Photography (Thanks, Myles!)

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HURT 100 2014 report part 2!!

Photo of Hogsback...  Yep!  That's the trail!!

Sponsored by Hoka!

The Hawaiian Ultra Running Team!

Ultra Sports Live!

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HURT 14 race report!!
Picture: CR holders Tracy Garneau and Gary Robbins at the start!

Huge thanks to:

The Hawaiian Ultra Running Team!

Ultra Sports Live!

Everyone who ran, voluteered and spent the night watching their computer screens during the event!!

Thank you especially for your support and love!!  It's going to be a great year for Running Stupid!

All Day!

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