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Running Stupid

Jan 28, 2012

HURT 12 Race Report!!  100k finish #3!

Trail shots and vacation pics can be found on the RS FB page:

Sorry about the theme music kicking in from out of nowhere... Just noticed it as I'm uploading...  Didn't want to spend 3 more hours fixing it. ;)

Jan 20, 2012

Interview with Jim Vernon of Hydrapak and the Endurables!

All Day!

Jan 13, 2012

Endorphin Dude Interview!!

Check out the live updates as I run HURT 100!! (#78)

And more personal updates here:

All Day!

Jan 6, 2012

Rodeo Beach Volunteer Report

Chabot 13.1 Report

Please call 415-287-3305 with a messsage I can listen to out on the trail at HURT!  Keep your fingers crossed!!!

All Day!